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The uBass Appreciation Society is the first blog on the Internet solely dedicated to those who play, or are interested in, the Kala brand uBass, a combination baritone ukulele and bass guitar. This ground-breaking 21″ short scale bass guitar produces the same pitches as a standard bass and is the closest you can come to the sound of an upright acoustic bass without an actual upright.

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Bass Player Does the uBass

The cover of the Nov. 2014 Bass Player magazine

The cover of the Nov. 2014 Bass Player magazine


Bass Player columnist Ed Friedland has a nice two-page spread on the Kala uBass in the November issue of Bass Player magazine. The article goes into the history of the uBass and its development by Owen Holt of Road Toad Music and Mike Upton of Kala Brand Music Co. It also gives a rundown of the different strings available for the uBass.

The article isn’t posted on the Bass Player web site yet, so you’ll have to go out and buy a copy of the magazine to read it.

Here’s a taste of what Ed “The Bass Whisperer” Friedland has to say about the classic uBass thump:

While the electronics, wood and construction all play a part in the big picture, the basic character of the U-Bass is greatly influenced by the string – and with several types of string available, it is possible to tailor the instrument’s response and feel several ways.

The article also includes a timeline of the development of the uBass and the various models available.

Ed concludes the piece this way:

This instrument is no joke: It is capable of delivering all the low-end punch you can handle, and based on my personal gig experiences, I consider it not only a serious addition to the bass family, but a welcome one.

And with that, the uBass continues its winning streak: yet another positive article about our little friend, with nary a negative review in sight.

Kala “Made in USA” Ukes Get Major Coverage in Music Press

Kala's USA Ukes are the subject of a major article in the October issue of Music Trades magazine.

Kala’s USA Ukes are the subject of a major article in the October issue of Music Trades magazine.


Kala’s newly opened U.S. Uke factory is the subject of a major story in the October issue of Music Trades, an industry magazine. While the article focuses on Kala’s new U.S. factory and not specifically on its uBasses, it does mention the U.S.-made uBass.

The article does offer some interesting bits of information about Kala, such as the fact that the first USA-made Ukes should be available in January at the Winter NAMM show. The U.S.-made line of Ukes is expected to sell from $700 to $1,800.

The piece also points out that Kala posted sales of $13.2 million in 2013 of Ukes and related products. The company plans to add some new models to its Asian-made Uke line in 2015. Six and eight-string Uke models are slated for 2016.

Let’s hope they have a new uBass or two in the works.

To read the article in PDF version, click here: Music Trades 10-14 Kala Article

New Forum for Ultra-Short-Scale Low Enders

Join the discussion at the MicroBassTalk Forum

Join the discussion at the MicroBassTalk Forum


For all of you out there that are into the Kala uBass, and maybe even some of the competing ultra-short-scale bass instruments available, there’s a new forum. Introducing the Micro Bass Talk Forum, featuring discussion of ultra-short-scale–or micro–basses. Of course you can discuss the Kala uBass (which has its own board), but you can also discuss any other model of ultra-short-scale bass like the Gold Tone MicroBass or the Aquila ShortBass One, to name only two. There’s even a board for travel basses. There also boards for discussing strings, gear, playing tips and recording techniques.

Check it out. Sign up for free and join the discussion. Tell your friends.

And help spread the word about our little bass friends.

New Kala Fifth Anniversary uBass Advertisement

Kala Ad 2014


We all know that the Kala uBass rocks (in every sense of the word). But did you know that the company’s ads for the uBass rock as well?

Here’s your proof. And this one features two of the best bass players out there.

For more on Nik West.

For more on Tal Wilkenfeld.


Getting Jazzy with a uBass


Gabriel Olortiga plays “Autumn Leaves” on his uBass


Think the uBass is not very versatile? Then think again.

Here’s a nice rendition of Ron Carter’s bass line from the Jazz standard “Autumn Leaves” played by Gabriel Olortiga on his uBass.

The uBass is equally adept at Rock, Jazz, Classical, Heavy Metal–it can handle just about any genre of music.

And here’s the man himself, Ron Carter, playing the song.

Handmade Koa uBass on the Way from Kala

Kala's new Acoustic/Electric Koa uBass

Kala’s new Acoustic/Electric Koa uBass

Kala came to Summer NAMM in Nashville this year ready to impress, and it seems they’ve accomplished their goal.

Rick Carlson brought along one of the company’s new uBass models to the show. It’s a handmade Acoustic/Electric Koa model with LR Baggs electronics, made in Kala’s Custom Shop in Petaluma, Ca. And boy is it pretty.

Check out this video of Rick introducing the newest member of the uBass stable at Summer NAMM.

This model sells for $2799 and comes delivered in a tweed hard case. It’s available fretted or fretless. Kala also has a Flame Maple version ($2299) and a Peruvian Walnut version, also $2299.

Say Hello to My Little Friend

Sam Price of the Honey Island Swamp Band.  Photo © C. Stewart Logan

Sam Price of the Honey Island Swamp Band. Photo © C. Stewart Logan


The little bass with the big sound.

But then, since we’re uBass players, we already knew that.

So, apparently, Sam Price, bass player for Honey Island Swamp Band (whose music has been described a Bayou Americana) likes to whip out his uBass while on stage to freak out the crowd. He did this recently while playing “Josephine” at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival.

Apparently he’s been whipping it out for a few years now.

As he recently told Bass Player magazine:

“I love to mix in the Uke-Bass once in a while because it freaks folks out to hear such a big, round sound coming from such a little instrument.”