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If you have an interest in the Kala brand uBass, then this is the blog for you.

The uBass Appreciation Society is the first blog on the Internet solely dedicated to those who play, or are interested in, the Kala brand uBass, a combination baritone ukulele and bass guitar. This ground-breaking 21″ short scale bass guitar produces the same pitches as a standard bass and is the closest you can come to the sound of an upright acoustic bass without an actual upright.

This blog is for all those interested in playing tips, news and information about the Kala brand uBass.

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— Dean Tomasula – uBass Appreciation Society

Nik West Spreading the Word

Nik West presents Bootsy Collins with an acoustic uBass.

Nik West presents Bootsy Collins with an acoustic uBass.

Nik West is a uBass evangelist. Here’s she’s spreading the word to the one and only Bootsy Collins by presenting him with an acoustic uBass before a Seattle gig.

Nice Rundown of Kala uBass Models

Photo: YouTube screenshot

Photo: YouTube screenshot

Here’s a nice video from Winter NAMM 2015 showcasing Kala’s uBass models. They’re all included here, even the new five-string solidbody models.


Premier Guitar Takes a Quick Hit at the 5-String SUB

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 3.15.39 PM

Premier Guitar magazine’s online site reviewed th 5-string SUB uBass on June 7.



Premier Guitar magazine’s online site has a review of the Kala 5-string SUB uBass, complete with soundclip.

In a short review they call a Quick Hit, the magazine has generally nice things to say about the 5-string SUB. They rate it 4 out of 5 picks for tone and and 3 out of 5 for playability.

They had this to say about the SUB:

This bass works best when you keep your pick in your pocket, restrain your attack, and don’t slap or bend heavily. But its über-deep tones are astounding given the instrument’s size. This is no toy—it’s a great low-end tool that delivers spacious upright-esque sounds in a well-made and easy-to-tote package.

Their one criticism, which I see a lot from guitar magazines reviewing the uBass, is that it takes getting used to. I guess because of its small size and thick polyurethane strings, it feels weird at first to a guitarist. But as a bass player who’s played short scales for a long time, I didn’t have an adjustment period when I got my first uBass a few years ago.

Also, the soundclip they provide of the bass–which is nice, I wish all reviews would come with soundclips–doesn’t really help the situation any. The clip sounds terrible and whomever is playing the uBass sounds like they just picked it up for the first time right before recording the clip. It doesn’t show off the SUB to its fullest extent.

Still, it’s a nice review of the 5-string SUB. And it’s nice to see mainstream guitar magazines reviewing the uBass, or any bass for that matter.

To their credit, Premier Guitar is one of the better guitar magazines out there. In the spirit of full disclosure I should mention that I am a subscriber. Even though I am a bass player, I like to keep up with changes in the guitar industry. I like to read about the latest guitar gear, not just about basses. Premier Guitar is chock-full of reviews every month and they frequently review basses. That’s something that a lot of guitar magazines don’t do. Many guitar rags wouldn’t go near a bass review for fear of getting nasty letters to the editor about how a guitar magazine should not be talking about a bass. If it has less than six very thin strings, they don’t want to know anything about it.

Luckily the editors of Premier Guitar know better.

The Anniversary Celebration Continues

Kala's ad for the fifth anniversary of the uBass.

Kala’s ad for the fifth anniversary of the uBass.

I noticed a new ad for the uBass in the April 2015 issue of Bass Player Magazine. Looks like Kala is continuing the instrument’s 5th Anniversary celebration.

It’s a nice, simple ad that gets the point across.

Happy Birthday uBass.

Chamber Music and the uBass

Magnus Sjöquist plays his uBass with the Swedish Chamber Orchestra. Photo: YouTube screenshot

Magnus Sjöquist plays his uBass with the Swedish Chamber Orchestra.
Photo: YouTube screenshot

We all know the uBass is fast becoming a classic instrument. But how about an instrument that can play classical music? Check.

Leave it up to our friend Magnus Sjöquist, of PLAY UBASS fame – the coolest cat to ever play a uBass, by the way – to rock out on our favorite instrument with the Swedish Chamber Orchestra.

Check out Magnus HERE, performing “Hilda Smiles,” a composition by jazz pianist Lars Jansson.

The concert was staged by local talent in celebration of their hometown’s 750th Anniversary this year. And as Magnus notes on his blog, the decision to play was easy:

Since our hometown Örebro,Sweden turns 750 years in 2015 we decided to do a concert with songs that is either performed or composed by someone from here. I had to (which wasn’t a sacrifice at all) chime in and play two songs on these concerts. One of the songs lend itself towards the Ubass. So I decided to play my trusty acoustic/electric on a jazz ballad.

Magnus said that while he’s played with the Swedish Chamber Orchestra before, this was the first time he played his uBass with them.

Not a bad start, I would say.