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If you have an interest in the Kala brand uBass, then this is the blog for you.

The uBass Appreciation Society is the first blog on the Internet solely dedicated to those who play, or are interested in, the Kala brand uBass, a combination baritone ukulele and bass guitar. This ground-breaking 21″ short scale bass guitar produces the same pitches as a standard bass and is the closest you can come to the sound of an upright acoustic bass without an actual upright.

This blog is for all those interested in playing tips, news and information about the Kala brand uBass.

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Featured at NAMM 2016

Mike Upton in the Kala booth at NAMM 2016.  Photo: YouTube screen capture

Mike Upton in the Kala booth at NAMM 2016. Photo: YouTube screen capture

Kala highlighted its acoustic Bubinga uBass at Winter NAMM this year, along with its Solidbody 5-string electric. Both are available with the company’s new roundwound metal strings.

In this video posted by Bass Musician Magazine, Mike Upton showcases the two updated uBass offerings.

Whoever shot this video needs some lessons on where to point the camera, however. Whenever Mike is talking about a specific feature of the uBass, the camera is focusing on his face, not the thing he’s actually talking about.

Cinematography 101 people.

Happy Birthday Nik West

Kala uBass Artist Nik West.

Kala uBass Artist Nik West.

Kala uBass artist and super funky bass player Nik West is celebrating her birthday today. Celebrate the birth of this amazingly talented bassist by viewing her videos on YouTube and streaming her music.

Happy Birthday Ms. West. And many more.

Like Shaq Playing a P-Bass

Kala uBass Artist Philip Bynoe.

Kala uBass Artist Philip Bynoe.

That’s what Philip Bynoe says he thinks people think he looks like while playing is uBass.

In an interview with Jon Liebman of For Bass Players Only, Bynoe explains that his uBass replaced an acoustic upright he was lugging around on tour with Steve Vai. He notes that it’s sound is comparable to an upright sand that it’s much easier and cheaper to transport on tour.

It’s a great instrument, he says, and I do use it when I need some upright type of thing and I don’t want to bring out an upright.

You can watch the interview HERE. Bynoe talks about the uBass starting at 9:05 in the video.

Big Funk in a Small Package

Nik West performing "People Pleaser" on the acoustic uBass. Photo: Facebook video capture

Nik West performing “People Pleaser” on the acoustic uBass. Photo: Facebook video capture

Here’s a video of the great Nik West bringing the funk with her acoustic uBass.

The song is called “People Pleaser” and was written by Andy Allo.

Accompanying Nik are Kim Steele on guitar and Kevan Aaron on cajon.

New Book Teaches You How to Play the uBass

The cover of Magnus Sjöquist's new book "Learn to Play the UBass".

The cover of Magnus Sjöquist’s new book “Learn to Play the UBass“.

Our friend Magnus Sjöquist of Playubass.com has been hard at work putting together a book for novice uBass players called “Learn to Play the UBass.” It’ll feature video lessons, TABs and his musing on the art of bass playing with a uBass.

Magnus says initially the book will be available on iBooks for iOS devices like the iPad, but he may eventually do a version in ePub for PC users.

According to Magnus:

“With my different Lesson Packs I will share the knowledge I’ve gathered throughout the years. It could be anything from my thoughts and experiences about how to hold the Ubass to genre specific tools; things I think the player will benefit from when they want to play a certain style of music or get a grip on a certain technique.”

He also noted that he has considered offering uBass lessons over Skype for some time. If you want to learn how to play the uBass, there’s no one better to teach you than Magnus.

Learn to Play the UBass” is in preview now and should be available for purchase soon. Check it out HERE.

Ed Friedland’s “Plan C”

Ed Frieldans shows off his solidbody uBass.

Ed Frieldans shows off his solidbody uBass.

Bass player and teacher extraordinaire Ed Friedland, who in addition to keeping an extensive teaching schedule plays upright bass in The Mavericks, brings along a solidbody uBass when he’e on the road in case something happens to his upright.

In a recent video with Geoff Chalmers of Discover Double Bass and Scott’s Bass Lessons, Ed says he keeps the uBass as a backup and calls it his “Plan C” in case something happens to his main bass. And he even brings it out to show Geoff.

You can catch the full video HERE. Ed talks about his uBass starting at 3:28.

Nik West and Her Relationship with the uBass

Nik West and her uBass in her video for the song "My Relationship." Photo: YouTube Screen Capture.

Nik West and her uBass in her video for the song “My Relationship.” Photo: Video Screen Capture.


Bass diva Nik West just released on her Facebook page a new video of her song “My Relationship,” which features two of my favorite musicians – herself and shredder extraordinaire Orianthi – and one of my favorite musical instruments, the Kala uBass. In the video Orianthi a scorching guitar solo. But more importantly, Nik’s solidbody uBass makes a number of appearances throughout the video.

The video, for the song “My Relationship” from her second album Say Something, is about 3 minutes and 33 seconds long. In it, Nik plays two of her Fender Dimension basses. She also sports her solidbody uBass a whopping 13 times in the video! I sat there and counted each appearance. The first appearance is at about 28 seconds into the video.

Yes, I know. It’s just a tad obsessive.

But the video is definitely worth watching. It would be worth it even if it didn’t feature the uBass so prominently. The song is very rock/funk oriented. It’s always fun to watch Nik play. She has a great voice and is an incredible bass player. She also writes catchy tunes.

Check out the video for the song. Then buy the album.