The Reviews are In

There are a number of reviews of the Kala uBass out there in print and in video on YouTube. I’ve read as many of them as I could find and I have not found one that has anything bad to say about the uBass. This little guy is universally loved–and that’s a pretty good accomplishment in this day and age.

Here’s a review from the latest issue of Ukulele Player magazine (click the image at right for a larger, easier to read version). It’s not terribly comprehensive, but it hits all the major selling points.

To get a better sense of how the uBass plays and sounds, head over to YouTube. There are a number of good reviews there.

Here’s a good one.

This one will blow you away. It’s a guy playing Jaco’s “Teen Town” on the uBass. And he does a pretty decent job too. This one was even featured in a recent issue of Bass Player magazine.

And here’s where it all began. This one is from Mike Upton of Kala Brand Music Co. introducing the uBass to the world.