Premier Guitar Awards uBass 4 Picks

The August 2010 online issue of Premier Guitar magazine has a nice, comprehensive two page review of the Kala uBass. They even include three sound samples.

PG loved the uBass and gave it four out of five “picks.” The review covers all the major aspects of the uBass in an intelligent and thorough manner.

For example, they have this to say about the uBass’s versatility:

Experimenting with the U-Bass, I quickly found that despite its simplicity, this is not a one-sound axe. Both where you pluck the strings and how you pluck them makes a real difference. Think fat, old doghouse bass. Think funky ’60s R&B. It all depends on your finger technique. And the closer to the neck you play, the deeper the tone and rounder the attack. Likewise, when you get closer to the bridge, the tone gets more plunky and bright.

The author of the review, Dan Berkowitz, even took the uBass out to a few gigs, to see how it would perform in “the real world.” It passed his test with flying colors.

Read the review and listen to the sound samples here.