uBass Wins Bass Player Editor Award

The Kala uBass has won Bass Player magazine’s Editor Award, because of its “small footprint, high fun factor, and huge potential” the magazine says.

The magazine has a nice article on the uBass in its August 2010 online issue.

According to the article, the uBass’s:

acoustic voice is sweet, if subdued; it had ample acoustic oomph for a two- or three-person jam session, but would require amplification to compete with a bigger band. The Kala’s passive peizo pickup system could sound a bit brittle, but it beefed up quite nicely with a bit of amp equalization.

The magazine says it tested both the fretted and fretless models and that the fretted model it received has sharp fret ends. Also, it says, the “rubbery” strings took a little getting used to.