150 Year Old Hawaiian Tree Turned into Ukes

A rare tree near a Honolulu elementary school, planted nearly 150 years ago, fell victim to old age and part of it collapsed. So it had to be cut down.

But this was no ordinary tree. It was a rare Hawaiian Mahogany tree. And rather than grind it up for sawdust, the tree was milled for furniture and Ukuleles.

According to a story on KITV.com:

Master carpenter James Ferla was making fine furniture pieces from the tree. And local ukulele makers used the fine mahogany to produce instruments like a beautiful I’Iwi ukulele, crafted by Charlie Fukuba.

And if that weren’t enough, scientists are cloning the tree. Cuttings have been planted all over Oahu.

Check out this video about the tree from KITV.com.