Fix That Broken uBass Tuning Peg

Lets’s face it, not matter how well made something is, it could break. It could break from overuse, it could break from abuse, or it could break from faulty materials.

While the Kala uBass is a very well-made Ukulele, things can break. Particularly things that get a lot of use, like strings and tuning pegs. Replacing a broken string is not very complicated. But replacing a broken tuning peg is a little more involved. The uBass uses custom made Hipshot Tuners.

To guide you on your journey to full tuning peg functionality, Kala Brand Music Co. and kindly provided a video entitled “Assembling a Ubass2 Tuner” outlining the steps need to remove a broken tuning peg and replace it with a new fully functioning one.

Watch the video. And hope you never have to use its advice.