A Ukulele with Too Many Strings

When is a Ukulele not a Ukulele? Apparently when it has more than four strings.

Then it becomes a little guitar-like thingy.

I mention this because I was reading a review of Raul Malo’s performance in Port Washington, NY the other night. He usually brings out his Kala uBass for one or two songs during his performances. But on this night, he trotted out his six-string Ukulele for the Charlie Chaplin song “Smile.”

But according to one reviewer, the six-string Uke was confusing. How could it be a Uke if it had six strings? Don’t Ukuleles have only four strings?

The reviewer noted:

Towards the end of the show, Malo traded in his guitar for what appeared to be a ukulele, but was actually a miniature six-string guitar-like instrument. On stage by himself for a brief while, he treated the audience to his rendition of “Smile,” originally a Charlie Chaplin instrumental from the film “Modern Times.”

“A miniature six-string guitar-like instrument.” That one made me laugh. Particularly since every time he brings out one of his Ukes–either the uBass or his six string–someone in the audience will yell out “What the hell is that thing?” and he’ll have to explain it’s a Ukulele bass or a Uke–as someone does in this video. (scroll up to 1:42 in the video)

Maybe the reviewer should have paid a little more attention during the performance.