Kala Gives You Lefties Some Love

The Kala uBass is an amazing ukulele/bass instrument. But only us righties have been able to take advantage of its bass-like goodness.

Well, that has changed. The Kala Brand Music Company now makes their awesome Kala uBass in a lefty version. That’s right, you lefties can now enjoy the same Kala goodness us righties have known for a while now.

There’s no information about the lefties on the Kala web site, however.

But there is a mention and some photos on the Jerry’s Lefty Guitar Talk, the blog from Sarasota, Florida-based Jerry’s Lefty Guitars. The uBass isn’t on Jerry’s web site yet either and the blog doesn’t mention a price. Jerry’s says they are some of the first lefties made.


2 thoughts on “Kala Gives You Lefties Some Love

  1. Congrats! As a lifelong righty, I never understood why a lefty just didn’t play a normal instrument. After all, their left hand is much more talented than the right, and it isn’t nearly as difficult to learn strumming with the right. Any comments from the lefties? I’m just learning electric bass and would much rather have a UBass. Does anyone know where I can get a used/cheap one? Thanks.

    • I suffer from “Glen Campbell Syndrome”. Yes, I am terminally left-handed (throw , bat, kick, etc.) but I play right handed. We are few and far between. I couldn’t plat lefty if I tried, and I have. Never again!

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