Solidbody uBass Coming in the Spring

Mike Upton of Kala Brand Music Co. gave a preview of the new Solidbody uBass to the Ukulele Undeground at the Winter NAMM Show.

Upton says the new uBass will be Made in the USA and should be priced around $1,000. Look for it to start production in the Spring.

Here’s a video produced by the guys at the Underground about Kala’s new offerings (both Ukulele and uBass). Mike talks about the uBass starting at 2:33.


6 thoughts on “Solidbody uBass Coming in the Spring

  1. … bit sad right now. I’ve got a small crack between the bridge and the edge in the spurce top. I’ve tried to fix it with some wood glue so it won’t get bigger. Don’t know how I got the crack. Could be the weather…I’ve just bought a air humidifier for my studio since the winters get kind of dry in Sweden.

    I’m really interested in the new solid body ubass. Hopefully I’ll be able to try one out sometime soon!

  2. First of all – I really love my fretless Spurce ubass! My parents picked it up on their vacation in Hawaii. So it was really quite a gamble buying it without trying it out first! (That’s why I went for the Spurce model – since it was about $100 less)

    I’m a

  3. Let me start off by saying that I LOVE my uBass (mahogany).

    But…I paid $500 for this thing. It’s made in China. There are little flecks and pocks of finish all over the neck, the fretboard, and the body. The seam by the strap hook/jack is wide enough to fit a credit card in. The wood panel on the back is a very rough fit and is screwed on with the cheapest screws possible. I had to restring and stretch the strings as the factory workers don’t seem to know about Mike’s stringing method on YouTube.

    Within the first month, the fragile connection on the jack broke and I had to do some major work to get it all back in order. It was a nightmare trying to get the jack secured without the washers vibrating. While restringing, the pickup/saddles just fell out of the bridge…they are raised and lowered with these cheap plastic shims.

    I feel like I paid for a great idea. But the execution is definitely lacking. Everything is in order now, it plays and sounds great. But for $500 I shouldn’t have to deal with all this shoddy workmanship.

    I like Kala, Mike seems like an incredibly nice guy and a reputable company, but I think they need to improve their production standards before even thinking about charging $1000 for the solid body. Watch the video where he’s showing the 5 string. See the B string constantly popping out of the nut? oops. Looks like it needs some work before it’s ready.

    Like I said, it’s a GREAT idea. Even with it’s faults I’m in love with my uBass. They just need to take their time and really make sure these things feel like $500 and $1000 instruments. Currently, they do not.

    Much love and hope for the future.

    • Reading my post a few days later, it sounds very negative towards Kala. That was not my intention at all and I apologize for the tone of my message.

      There are a few blemishes on the instrument that do irk me a little, but nothing that hinders playability or detracts from the overall beauty of the bass. Just nit-picky things that a $500 price tag shouldn’t have.

      I viewed the restringing video and decided to give it a go as my strings were severely wound around the post when i received the bass. As I took off the strings, the saddles/pickup fell out of the bridge. I didn’t notice until I saw the plastic shims fall on the floor. At that point I was frustrated because I didn’t see it happen and wasn’t exactly sure how it went back together or if it was supposed to come apart that easily. After a few deep breaths and attempts it was indeed back together and, properly restrung, playing 100 times better.

      The jack did break, and that really was the worst of all that happened, a little solder and careful hands and it was all back to 100%.

      So again, these were a handful of occurrences that, in the end, didn’t affect the uBass experience. Overall craftsmanship is 9/10. I LOVE my uBass and if I ever lost it I would instantly buy another.

      Please don’t let my experience hinder your decision to purchase your own uBass. They are wonderful and make bass truly portable.


    • I suspect because the solidbody uBasses have more electronics involved. The acoustic uBass just has a pickup– which is not very complicated circuitry. The solidbody needs volume and tone control circuitry, so it’s more complicated and expensive to produce.

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