Kai Kurosawa on a Solidbody uBass

The uBass goodness from Kala at Winter NAMM just keeps on coming.

Here’s a clip of Kai Kurosawa playing a Kala Solidbody five string uBass.

Sounds really nice.

I predict these things will be a major hit.

You read it here first.


3 thoughts on “Kai Kurosawa on a Solidbody uBass

  1. I agree…
    I would really like to own one of those :-))
    Hope someone will upload more videos with better sound and sync!

  2. Sound and video are a touch out of sync (wayyy out! lol.)

    I take back my earlier doubts about the uBass 5 string. That thing is awesome and the low B has some balls to it. Definitely on my wishlist.

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