Time Magazine Discovers the Ukulele–Twice

Either the Ukulele has finally hit the mainstream or it’s jumped the shark. I’d like to think it’s the former.

Anyway, Time Magazine has discovered that the Ukulele exists. Not only that, but they’ve done two stories–count ’em, two–within a week of each other. One’s actually a print story in the magazine and online, and the other is a video interview with Jake Shimabukuro.

Want to know why the Ukulele is so popular? According to Time it’s because they’re cheap and don’t suck.

So why the ukulele’s sudden popularity? For one thing, it’s cheap. “For 40 bucks, you can get an instrument that’s not a piece of crap,” says Andy Suh, a salesman at Sam Ash Music Stores in Manhattan, who over the holidays sold up to 10 ukuleles a day.

So there you have it. There’s no mention of the uBass, but, hey, you can’t have everything.