uBass Gallimaufry

Here’s a bunch of interesting things uBass-related:

First up we have our friend Magic Magnus Sjoquist and his jamming buddies tearing through “Black Orpheus”. Check out the video Here.

Next we have Kala Brand Music Company releasing their 2011 Catalog. In the 2010 catalog, the uBass received two full pages. This year’s edition has the uBass occupying only one page. There’s nothing new apparently (at least not tis early in the year). No Hutch Hutchinson Limited Edition Signature model news either.

And from the “Not a Kala uBass but still a Bass Ukulele Department” we have the “Steampunk Bass Ukulele”. This thing is very cool. I’ve never heard one so I can’t say how it sounds, but it sure looks nice.

The Steampunk uBass is tuned like the Kala uBass (EADG) and measures 30″ total length. The scale length looks from the photo to be a bit longer than the uBass–maybe 23″? It is handmade to order and comes with a Spruce top, Sapele Mahogany back and sides, a Maple neck and an IPA fingerboard. The headstock is Lacewood.

The Steampunk part is the brass gears from a clock, nails, and other stuff that give it that Willie Wonka feel.

The Steampunk uBass is handmade by Paul Celentano of Celentano Woodworks and sells for $3,000.