Nine Days to Go and Counting…

This is definitely not an April Fool’s Day joke (even if it is a week early).

Mike Upton of Kala playing the Solidbody uBass Prototype

The word from Kala Brand Music Co. is that the solidbody uBass should begin assembly on or about April 1 in California. They’ve just decided on the colors they are going to offer.

List price should be in the $1,100.00 – $1,200.00 range, according to the company. They are now hashing out final price of the solidbody. The actual retail price is expected to be announced on the 1st.

More details to come as they leak out.


Slappin’ a uBass

For those of you out there who think you can’t play slap on a uBass, Skip Wicked of Indubious begs to differ.

Check out this wicked (sorry, couldn’t resist) video of Skip slapping the tar out of his uBass.


Solidbody uBass Coming Very Soon!

Kala Brand Music Co. says they are working on the final details of the solidbody uBass. It’s nearly ready for prime time.

We’ll have more details for you by the end of next week. With final specs and everything. So stay tuned! It’ll be worth the wait, believe me.

Also, Paul Simon is touring in support of his new album “So Beautiful or So What” beginning in April. And his bassist Bakithi Kumalo will be bringing along his uBass. Kumalo plays the uBass on a number of songs. It’s more than just a token instrument.

If Simon comes to your town, get tickets.

Hutch Hutchinson Says the Solidbody uBass Rules

And who am I to argue with him!

In this video, HH demos the solidbody electric uBass from Kala Brand Music Co. He can’t say enough good things about the little Ukulele/Bass.

This little baby comes in a variety of colors and feature a rechargeable battery. No longer do you have to stock up on 9 volts.

Take a listen. It sounds awesome in HH’s hands.

The solidbody uBass isn’t on Kala’s web site yet. There’s no word yet on when it will be available or how much it will cost.

Stay tuned.

Kala Uploads uBass Manual

Kala Brand Music Co. has uploaded to its web site an owner’s manual for its acoustic uBass models. The eight page PDF manual offers information on the care and feeding of your uBass.

Sections include maintaining the fretboard, restringing the bass and a recording tip (run the uBass through a preamp, then to a DI box and then to the mixing board).

And in case you thought Kala didn’t have a sense of humor, I offer you this line from the Care and Maintenance section:

“Keeping your uBass in the case protects it from weather damage and other hazards that can void your warranty (car doors, small children, guitarists, etc.)”