Slappin’ a uBass

For those of you out there who think you can’t play slap on a uBass, Skip Wicked of Indubious begs to differ.

Check out this wicked (sorry, couldn’t resist) video of Skip slapping the tar out of his uBass.



One thought on “Slappin’ a uBass

  1. I got my spruce-top U bass about two weeks ago and I really love it. It sounds awesome when I plug it into my vintage Ampeg B12N. I am currently rehearsing with a singer-songwriter who plays tenor uke and we will begin performing in the Asheville, NC area this May. I’ve also got a Fender P bass which I love as well, but I am thinking of selling it and buying the new solid body U bass whenever it becomes available.
    Love your blog and plan to visit it often.

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