Mark Your Calendars!

Because next week (the week of April 4th) the new Kala Solidbody uBasses begin rolling off the assembly line and into packing boxes headed for retailers across the country.

According to Kala’s head of marketing, Rick Carlson, the solidbody uBass will be available in 4-string and 5-string models, both fretted and fretless. The 4-string will sell for $1,200.00 and the 5-string for $1,300.00, he says. They will be assembled in Kala’s Custom Shop.

The Solidbody will be available in four colors: Espresso, Skyline Red, Natural Ash and Translucent Satin Black. They’ll feature an active, battery-free preamp, custom Hipshot tuners, black Graph-Tech Tusq self-lubricating nut, Volume control and a 2-band EQ. A Kala Deluxe Gig Bag is included with each Solidbody.

“The Solidbody uBass feels more like an electric bass,” says Carlson.

He also notes that the Solidbody uBasses are made in California and will feature a 22″ scale. They also feature a double cutaway body for easy access to the upper register of the neck. They use the same Pahoehoe strings as the acoustic uBasses.

So save up your pennies kiddies.

And, no, this is not an April Fools’s joke!


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