Bb Blues Jam with Magic Magnus

Our friend Magnus Sjoquist is back–after a too long absence–with a new video of his Kala uBass.

Here, Magnus (second from left) treats us to “C-Jam Blues in Bb.”

This is video #7 in his “Jammin’ with My Kala UBass” series. This time he’s rocking it with the Frank Vignola Trio.

Welcome back Magnus.


One thought on “Bb Blues Jam with Magic Magnus

  1. Thanks!
    In the end of June
    I’ll take my uBass back to the US.
    (It was bought in Hawaii last summer!)
    I will attend the Music/Nature Camp just outside Nashville!
    This camp is really special. It combines Music and Nature studies
    based on the book “The Music Lesson” by Victor Wooten.
    He also the main instructor at the Camp.
    You can read more about the book here:
    …and about the “Music/Nature Camp” and other camps here:

    I’ll upload some pictures here later!

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