Curiouser and Curiouser

I ran across this video on the Kala uBass on YouTube (where else?). It’s pretty strange. Not the actual video, but the point of the video. It seems to be an ad for the uBass, but it’s not from Kala. It showcases the uBass with some pretty crappy photos taken from various web sites (Road Toad, Kala, etc.) and has a link to buy a Spruce-top uBass at at a “discount.” The “discount” is actually the full price you’d pay at the Road Toad store. The instruments are sold by Amazon through Sam Ash Music and Musician’s Superstore, for the same $414

The videos seem to be posted by someone with an Amazon Associates subscription. If you buy through the link on the video, the person gets a small cut from Amazon. The poster seems to upload videos of electronics and musical instruments, all with links to Amazon and all with the same cheesy background music and lousy photos.