Perfect for the Bassist on the Go

At least that’s the way the Kala Solidbody uBass is being advertised. It certainly is compact, lightweight and easy to transport. No question.

Anyway, here’s a video from George’s Music, with Eric putting the Solidbody through its paces. Check it out.

I had a chuckle when Eric mentioned that the knob configuration was “kind of a neat design.” It’s a standard V/B/T configuration (that’s Volume/Bass/Treble). Nothing unusual. Also, he made one mistake when mentioning the tuners. Eric said they are specially designed Gotoh tuners. Actually they’re Hipshot tuners.

Despite these two hiccups, it’s worth giving the video a look.

Also take a look at the George’s Music site. They have a dedicated Ukulele web site featuring the Solidbody and Acoustic uBasses.