Bass Musician on the SUB uBass

Bass Musician magazine writes about the Kala SUB uBass in its July 2011 issue. The one with Les Claypool and his NS Design Double Bass on the (virtual) cover.

Well, not exactly writes about it, but more accurately posts the Kala press release on the import solidbody. Still, it nice to see the new kid on the block starting to get some press. I’m sure when the actual reviews start coming out, they’ll be positive–just like those for the USA Solidbody and the Acoustic uBasses.



The SUB uBass Live from NAMM

Here it is folks, live from Summer NAMM 2011, the new import Kala SUB Solidbody uBass in action.

Check out this video–presented by Harmony Central–of the new SUB imports live and in person at the Kala booth at NAMM.


New Kala Imported Solidbody uBass Models Debut at NAMM

Don’t want to pay $1,199.00 for a Made In The USA Kala uBass? Well, now Kala Brand Music Co. is offering imported models for half that price.

Kala introduced yesterday at Summer NAMM three UBASS-SUB import models to the lineup. I assume they are made in China. The three models are similar to the USA Solidbodies, except they are made from Poplar, not Swamp Ash. The other specs are similar to the USA models. The UBASS-SUB comes in black, red and sunburst. They retail for $549.00 for the black and red and $649.00 for the sunburst. They also sport a passive Shadow Piezo pickup and 2-Band EQ like the American versions, but I suspect they are of lesser quality on the imports (hence the lower price).

They should be arriving in stores soon. Initially the SUB models will only be available in fretted and right-handed. Can fretless and lefties be far behind?

Kala also added a link to Online Dealers on its USA Solidbody uBass page.

Kala Solidbody uBass in Concert!

Here’s a nice clip of Kai Kurosawa and Sharp Three performing “Believe.”

                                                           Sharp Three Performing on their 2011 West Coast Tour

This is probably one of the first videos to feature the new Solidbody Kala uBass in a live situation.

“Believe was written for the Sitar Guitar, Kala Solid Body 5-string Fretless Ubass and Beartrax,” according to the band.

In case you’re not familiar with the band, they blend Western and Oriental music, which they call Global Fusion. Sharp Three are brothers Goh and Kai Kurosawa and Nicky Terry.

Give it a listen and enjoy.

So What?

No, it’s not that I don’t care. It’s actually the title of a classic Jazz song from the great Miles Davis album “Kind of Blue.” The bass was played by the great Paul Chambers on Miles’s landmark 1959 album.

Here we have YouTuber AdamStevensBass showing us how “So What” is done on a uBass. It sounds awesome. And as a comparison, here’s the original with Paul Chambers on upright bass.

Oh, and by the way, this is our 100th Post!

Road Toad Adds Solidbodies

Road Toad Music has finally updated its web site and put up new pages for the Kala Solidbody uBass models.

The Solidbody–like the acoustic uBasses–were designed by Road Toad for Kala. Road Toad has been designing Ukes for Kala since 2008.

Check out the uBass information page at their site. Or go directly to their store to purchase yourself one. They’re selling for $996. And that includes ground shipping in the US and a Deluxe Kala Bag.

And speaking of Kala bags, the company updated its web site and added a new page with all its bags on it. Just click on a photo to go to that bag’s page. They’ve got a really neat hard case for the acoustic uBass and it’s only $99.

In the Beginning There Was the Ad

And it was good.

We all remember the early advertisements for the Kala uBass (we do, right?) The ones that originally got us interested in the awesomeness that is the uBass and made us want to know more. In case you’ve forgotten, here is one of the originals on the left. You’ve seen it in music magazines and probably online a number of times since the uBass was introduced.

Kala commissioned Alchemedia Labs of Utah to create the ad for the uBass. In a blog post entitled “The Process of My Creativity,” company owner Emily Hedrick outlines the process she and her team went through in designing the ad for Kala.

If you ever wondered what goes into creating an ad such as this, check out the post. To the right is the original sketch that Ms. Hedrick made for the Kala ad.

According to Ms. Hedrick:

When I first started watching videos that have people playing the UBASS, I was struck by the powerful sound that emanates from such a small instrument. I have been thinking of using blue colors and the image of lightning kept coming to mind. It’s a strong force of nature and to be honest, with a new product like the UBASS, this was going to take the ukulele world by storm.

In the post she outlines the process and her thinking behind each step in creating the original uBass ad. Check out the post and see how it all came together.