In the Beginning There Was the Ad

And it was good.

We all remember the early advertisements for the Kala uBass (we do, right?) The ones that originally got us interested in the awesomeness that is the uBass and made us want to know more. In case you’ve forgotten, here is one of the originals on the left. You’ve seen it in music magazines and probably online a number of times since the uBass was introduced.

Kala commissioned Alchemedia Labs of Utah to create the ad for the uBass. In a blog post entitled “The Process of My Creativity,” company owner Emily Hedrick outlines the process she and her team went through in designing the ad for Kala.

If you ever wondered what goes into creating an ad such as this, check out the post. To the right is the original sketch that Ms. Hedrick made for the Kala ad.

According to Ms. Hedrick:

When I first started watching videos that have people playing the UBASS, I was struck by the powerful sound that emanates from such a small instrument. I have been thinking of using blue colors and the image of lightning kept coming to mind. It’s a strong force of nature and to be honest, with a new product like the UBASS, this was going to take the ukulele world by storm.

In the post she outlines the process and her thinking behind each step in creating the original uBass ad. Check out the post and see how it all came together.