New Kala Imported Solidbody uBass Models Debut at NAMM

Don’t want to pay $1,199.00 for a Made In The USA Kala uBass? Well, now Kala Brand Music Co. is offering imported models for half that price.

Kala introduced yesterday at Summer NAMM three UBASS-SUB import models to the lineup. I assume they are made in China. The three models are similar to the USA Solidbodies, except they are made from Poplar, not Swamp Ash. The other specs are similar to the USA models. The UBASS-SUB comes in black, red and sunburst. They retail for $549.00 for the black and red and $649.00 for the sunburst. They also sport a passive Shadow Piezo pickup and 2-Band EQ like the American versions, but I suspect they are of lesser quality on the imports (hence the lower price).

They should be arriving in stores soon. Initially the SUB models will only be available in fretted and right-handed. Can fretless and lefties be far behind?

Kala also added a link to Online Dealers on its USA Solidbody uBass page.