Solidbody uBass Gets UK Press

It may not be causing Anarchy in the UK, but Bass Guitar Magazine in their July 2011 (Issue 68) has an article about the Kala Solidbody uBass (USA version) on page 10. Their headline isn’t any better than my opening line, by the way.

Entitled  “Kala Solid Body U-Bass Is Born In The USA,” the article is basically a rehashing of the Kala press release. It even includes the quote from Hutch Hutchinson contained in the press release.

Still, it’s nice to see that the little solidbody is getting some good press in the bass mags around the world.

The article is not online. So far it’s only in the print edition, the one with Glenn Hughes on the cover.


2 thoughts on “Solidbody uBass Gets UK Press

  1. Don’t mean to seem rude, but these press sheets that keep showing up in different magazines are more than likely ads paid for by Kala, not recognition by the publication.

    Obviously still cool that the word is getting out.

    • Don’t worry, you’re not being rude.

      Actually, the magazines are being lazy. Kala sends out a press release to all the publications about the ubass. Instead of having someone on the magazine’s staff call Kala and ask a few questions, they just rewrite the press release verbatim and print it in the magazine. It’s an easy way to fill space, but really doesn’t add much to the discussion. But you’re right, it basically comes off looking like an advertisement for Kala.

      Thanks for reading the blog.

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