Kala Posts Solidbody Owner’s Manual

Solidbody Owner's Manual

If you’ve been waiting for a download version of the Kala Solidbody uBass Owner’s Manual, wait no more. Kala has posted one to its web site.

The 5-page manual has a section on string changing, how to care for your Solidbody and how to set it up, among other info.

Download the PDF Here.

The manual is applicable to both the California and the SUB Series instruments.


Leland Sklar Thinks the uBass is “So Damn Cute”

“It’s really cool.”

Leland Sklar with the Kala Solidbody uBass

“These really are appealing.”

“I can see it being really a fun piece of the arsenal.”

That’s what Leland Sklar had to say about the uBass at Bass Player Live. He tried out both the acoustic and electric versions. And apparently was very impressed with both.

Could there be another Kala uBass endorser in the works?

Kala posted a video of Sklar in their booth on its Facebook page. And here’s the video on YouTube.


Magnus is the ‘Featured Video’ of the Day on No Treble Blog

Magnus Sjoquist and his uBass

Our friend Magnus Sjoquist and his uBass are today’s featured video on the No Treble bass blog.

Magnus and his pals run through a nice Jazz set–part of his “Jammin’ With My Kala uBass” series of videos.

Check out the video Here.

Way to go Magnus!

Bass Musician Magazine Puts the Kala Solidbody Through its Paces

Raul Amador of Bass Musician magazine has a pretty comprehensive video review of the Kala Solidbody uBass.

Raul Amador of Bass Musician Magazine with the Kala Solidbody uBass.

He doesn’t spend much time playing it (which is a shame), but rather runs down all the

Tal Wilkenfeld at the Kala Booth at Bass Player Live

features packed into this little beauty.

Check out the video Here on the magazine’s web site, or Here on YouTube.


Check out Tal Wilkenfeld playing a uBass as Bass Player Live.