A Must-Read Blog

Well, yeah, this is a must-read blog (in my opinion anyway!), but I am referring to the amazingly talented Magnus Sjoquist’s uBass blog “Play UBass!

Go there, bookmark it and come back here. I’ll wait.

Not only does our friend Magnus feature videos of his playing the uBass at gigs, he also has playalongs, lessons and tips on playing our favorite little Ukulele/Bass. And he even has free transcriptions of some of the stuff he plays at gigs. Now how’s that for generous.

With all his gigging and having a life and everything, it’s a wonder he has enough time to pack his blog full of all the stuff he offers.

Thankfully, he does.

So go check it out for yourself. Magnus would appreciate it.

And so would we.


4 thoughts on “A Must-Read Blog

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  2. Thanks! Really kind of you! I’ve just got back from another gig playin’ some UBass and my wonderful Rob Allen MB-2 fretless (…it’s almost as fun as the UBass 😉
    Yeah I’ll try to keep the blog posts coming! Once again thanks for a great job on YOUR blog!

    Take care and PLAY MUSIC!

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