What, Are You Crazy?

Probably, but that never stopped me before.

I’m undertaking a major project that I think will interest a lot of you, dear readers.

I’m going to publish an ‘Ukulele magazine. It’ll be called the ‘ukulele magazine (catchy, huh?). It’ll feature musician profiles, news, gear and CD reviews, photo essays, how-to articles and a lot more. All about the ‘Ukulele and the uBass. But the twist is going to be that the musician profiles will be from the prospective of their style and influences. How did they develop their style, who were their influences, etc.

It’ll be a full-color, high-quality publication with quality writing and excellent photography.

I’m presently considering if it should be a print publication with a digital version or just go digital from the start. There’s a million things to consider. If I do go with a print publication, I’m hoping to get enough advertising support to offer free subscriptions.

However, none of this will happen if I don’t reach my funding goal on Kickstarter. My pledge page is live and I’m hoping people will like the idea enough to pledge a few bucks so I can get started.

So please check out the pledge page on Kickstarter (I have a pretty cool video up there) and maybe pledge a $1 if you can afford it (you don’t have to pay unless and until we meet our pledge goal of $10,000).

But more importantly, please spread the word about the project. Mention it on Twitter, Facebook, at the water cooler at work. You never know who might be interested in reading a publication about the ‘Ukulele.