The New Kid in Town

Kamoa E3E Bass

It looks like Kala has some stiff competition in the uBass department.

There’s a new kid in town and he aims to take some of the thunder away from Kala’s mighty mini-bass. It’s the Kamoa E3E Bass from the Kamoa Ukulele Co. of Hawaii.

Making its debut at the NAMM show, the Kamoa E3E Bass is a 21.75″ scale acoustic bass. It’s tuned like a bass guitar (EADG), just like the uBass. Similar to the Kala acoustics in size and appearance, the E3E Bass could easily be mistaken for another Uke bass. But there are some major differences.

The Kamoa E3E Bass features a Maple back, sides and neck and a Spruce soundboard. It also sports a Kamoa-branded M-1 Active Preamp. Rather than the polyurethane strings like the Kala uBass, the E3E features nickel flatwound strings. Basically this thing will feel very familiar to any bass player.

The E3E sells for $499 and is available in the Kamoa online store. It’s available in Brown and Natural.

There’s little information about the E3E Bass on Kamoa’s web site. And there are no sound clips available yet. But if This Video (the E3E shows up at 4:50) is any indication, it sounds pretty nice.


3 thoughts on “The New Kid in Town

  1. Would love to hear this. Might make a good companion to the uBass too. The uBass for softer jazz numbers where a more upright tone would suit, this new bass for funkier numbers when you need to cut through 🙂

  2. Hmmm…would love to try one, but I LOVE the big fat pahoehoe strings. I don’t play my full scale bass that often because I don’t like the feel of metal strings anymore.

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