Kala Unleashes New Ad

Hutch Hutchinson in Kala's New uBass Ad.

Kala Brand Music Co. has released a new print ad for its uBass lineup. This one features Hutch Hutchinson and his signature uBass–along with the Mahogany Acoustic and the Solidbody California Series.

Expect to see this ad running in your favorite music magazine soon.


The Definitive Handbook on the uBass?

Quite possibly

A German publisher has put out what I believe is the first (and at this point only) full-length book on the uBass. Complete with DVD featuring transcriptions and play-alongs.

The publication, Handbuch für den Ukulelen-Bass – which I assume translates to “Ukulele Bass Handbook” – I don’t read German, so I’m guessing here – seems to be comprehensive (going by what I can make out from the Table of Contents). It features chapters about the instrument (types of strings available, different models of uBass); some basic music theory (how to read TABs, playing different rhythms); types of music the uBass is suited for (rock, blues, latin) and transcriptions/TABs of various bass lines and whole songs (“The Monkey”, “Walking With You”, “Camptown Races”, “Old MacDonald”)

The publication seems to be a good introduction – if a bit basic – to the uBass.

So far, it’s only available in German at 24.95 € (which is about $33 US). You can order it online here.

But Kala is lobbying to have it published in English. To help make that a reality, Kala is asking that you go to its Facebook page and “Like” the post about the book.

Let’s help them make it a reality. One, because how cool would it be to have a book on the uBass? And two, this blog is mentioned in the article about the book on the German web site that’s selling it.

Kala Undertakes Major Redesign of its Web Site

And it looks like a winner.

Kala has completely redesigned its web site (and shortened the URL to the site as well). The new site has a cleaner and more comprehensive look. It’s videos are prominently displayed and grouped into sections such as “Featured Artists” and “Other Artists.”

The uBass page has the company’s complete line of instruments on a single, scrollable page, with videos and information easily accessible. Each uBass line is represented by its own section of the page (which look suspiciously like the print ads Kala has run in various music magazines.) But what’s interesting abou these sections is that if you click on a specific instrument, you are taken to a page with all the specs, photos and pricing for that particular instrument.

The company also redesigned its Gear section, breaking it out into a separate site, powered by Amazon.com. Now all of Kala’s gear and accessores are available in a single store. All its uBass gear is available on two pages. You can purchase accessories directly from the store or add gear to your Amazon.com wishlist from there.

So what’s the best part of Kala’s new web site? The link to our blog of course. 🙂

Well done Kala. And thanks for the plug.

Kala adds Thunderguts to its uBass String Lineup

A Mahogany uBass sporting a set of Aquila Thundergut strings

Kala Brand Music Co. is now distributing Aquila Thundergut strings, making them

available for its line of uBasses. The company says they will be available for all its uBass models.

This brings to three the choice of strings available for the uBass: The original polyurethane Pahoehoe strings, Pyramid silver-plated copper-wound and the Thunderguts.

To get an idea what the Thunderguts sound like on a uBass, check our previous poston the subject.

“The Aquila Thundergut strings are manufactured in Italy and are made of a precise combination of both a dense and an elastic-plastic blend. The result is a string with density, stability, and the ability to resonate at very low frequencies,” Kala says.

Kala sells the Thunderguts on its web site for $24.99 a set. The Pyramids sell for $59.00. Pahoehoe Dreads sell for $29.99 and standard Pahoehoes sell for $24.99.

Business is Booming

And Kala Brand Music Co. is taking advantage of the situation by expanding its facilities.

Andreas David and Torsten at Music Messe playing "Bohemian Rhapsody"

According to the North Bay (California) Business Journal, Kala is more than doubling the size of its operations. At the end of March it expanded to a 24,000 square foot facility, in an effort to keep up with production demands for its growing sales of Ukuleles and uBasses.

“We have a lot more product coming in, and we ran out of space,” Rick Carlson, director of sales and marketing, told the newspaper.

Kala currently has 25 employees.

The company contracts with facilities in various countries to make many of the more than 120 models of Ukuleles and its uBass models. Final quality control and inspections are handled at its California facilities. Components for the California Series uBasses are made in Southern California and assembled there. Pickup electronics for some custom Ukes also are installed locally.

Carlson notes that Kala plans to eventually expand its Custom Shop, as interest in custom Ukes grows.

And for your listening pleasure, here’s a neat little clip from the 2012 MusicMesse of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” played on a Kala Travel Uke and a uBass.