Business is Booming

And Kala Brand Music Co. is taking advantage of the situation by expanding its facilities.

Andreas David and Torsten at Music Messe playing "Bohemian Rhapsody"

According to the North Bay (California) Business Journal, Kala is more than doubling the size of its operations. At the end of March it expanded to a 24,000 square foot facility, in an effort to keep up with production demands for its growing sales of Ukuleles and uBasses.

“We have a lot more product coming in, and we ran out of space,” Rick Carlson, director of sales and marketing, told the newspaper.

Kala currently has 25 employees.

The company contracts with facilities in various countries to make many of the more than 120 models of Ukuleles and its uBass models. Final quality control and inspections are handled at its California facilities. Components for the California Series uBasses are made in Southern California and assembled there. Pickup electronics for some custom Ukes also are installed locally.

Carlson notes that Kala plans to eventually expand its Custom Shop, as interest in custom Ukes grows.

And for your listening pleasure, here’s a neat little clip from the 2012 MusicMesse of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” played on a Kala Travel Uke and a uBass.



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