Kala adds Thunderguts to its uBass String Lineup

A Mahogany uBass sporting a set of Aquila Thundergut strings

Kala Brand Music Co. is now distributing Aquila Thundergut strings, making them

available for its line of uBasses. The company says they will be available for all its uBass models.

This brings to three the choice of strings available for the uBass: The original polyurethane Pahoehoe strings, Pyramid silver-plated copper-wound and the Thunderguts.

To get an idea what the Thunderguts sound like on a uBass, check our previous poston the subject.

“The Aquila Thundergut strings are manufactured in Italy and are made of a precise combination of both a dense and an elastic-plastic blend. The result is a string with density, stability, and the ability to resonate at very low frequencies,” Kala says.

Kala sells the Thunderguts on its web site for $24.99 a set. The Pyramids sell for $59.00. Pahoehoe Dreads sell for $29.99 and standard Pahoehoes sell for $24.99.


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