Kala Undertakes Major Redesign of its Web Site

And it looks like a winner.

Kala has completely redesigned its web site (and shortened the URL to the site as well). The new site has a cleaner and more comprehensive look. It’s videos are prominently displayed and grouped into sections such as “Featured Artists” and “Other Artists.”

The uBass page has the company’s complete line of instruments on a single, scrollable page, with videos and information easily accessible. Each uBass line is represented by its own section of the page (which look suspiciously like the print ads Kala has run in various music magazines.) But what’s interesting abou these sections is that if you click on a specific instrument, you are taken to a page with all the specs, photos and pricing for that particular instrument.

The company also redesigned its Gear section, breaking it out into a separate site, powered by Amazon.com. Now all of Kala’s gear and accessores are available in a single store. All its uBass gear is available on two pages. You can purchase accessories directly from the store or add gear to your Amazon.com wishlist from there.

So what’s the best part of Kala’s new web site? The link to our blog of course. 🙂

Well done Kala. And thanks for the plug.