Wanna Hear Pyramid Strings on a uBass?

Mike Upton of Kala with a uBass and Pyramid strings.

Then check this out.

Kala uploaded a short video of Mike Upton testing out a set of Pyramid Copper wound strings on an acoustic uBass.

Check out the video Here.


2 thoughts on “Wanna Hear Pyramid Strings on a uBass?

  1. I’m using the Aqila Thundergut strings at the moment. They stay in tune and respond faster than the original strings. The Pyramids have a more electric bass sound to them, but I got the U-Bass to get a sound that is similar to an upright bass. Also, $59 is a little steep. The Pyramid strings are silver plated copper on a nylon fiber core. They’re very much like the Thomastik Acousticore strings that I use on my 34″ scale solidbody Godin Z-1 bass with only a piezo pickup. The Thomastiks are bronze wound on a nylon fiber core.

  2. Great to be able to get an idea hear how they sound.
    Would be nice to try them out and hear
    how they sound ‘in real life’ without the filtering
    of a camera mic and YouTube 🙂

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