The Definitive Handbook on the uBass?

Quite possibly

A German publisher has put out what I believe is the first (and at this point only) full-length book on the uBass. Complete with DVD featuring transcriptions and play-alongs.

The publication, Handbuch für den Ukulelen-Bass – which I assume translates to “Ukulele Bass Handbook” – I don’t read German, so I’m guessing here – seems to be comprehensive (going by what I can make out from the Table of Contents). It features chapters about the instrument (types of strings available, different models of uBass); some basic music theory (how to read TABs, playing different rhythms); types of music the uBass is suited for (rock, blues, latin) and transcriptions/TABs of various bass lines and whole songs (“The Monkey”, “Walking With You”, “Camptown Races”, “Old MacDonald”)

The publication seems to be a good introduction – if a bit basic – to the uBass.

So far, it’s only available in German at 24.95 € (which is about $33 US). You can order it online here.

But Kala is lobbying to have it published in English. To help make that a reality, Kala is asking that you go to its Facebook page and “Like” the post about the book.

Let’s help them make it a reality. One, because how cool would it be to have a book on the uBass? And two, this blog is mentioned in the article about the book on the German web site that’s selling it.


2 thoughts on “The Definitive Handbook on the uBass?

  1. Interesting! I did take German classes in ‘junior high’ back in the 80′ but my German is not really top notch. I can however understand it quite while reading and will try to get a copy just for the fun of it! And also get some ideas to what MY UBass book should cover (…if I choose to do one that is :-))
    Thanks once again for your great blog!

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