Thunderguts and the Solidbody

Mike Upton Trying Out a Set of Aquila Thundergut Strings on a Solidbody uBass.

If you were wondering how Aquila Thundergut strings sound on a Solidbody uBass, wonder no more.

Kala uploaded a video of Mike Upton testing out a set of Thunderguts on the Solidbody.

The Thunderguts for the Solidbody are slightly different from the T-guts for the Acoustics, in that they have terminations on the ends of the strings so they won’t slip out from the holes in the body.

The T-gut strings aren’t listed on the Kala or Kala Gear web sites yet.

UPDATE 5/31: According to Mark Milazzo of Kala, the Thundergut terminations are being fabricated now and the strings should be available for purchase soon. “We are doing the terminations for Thunderguts for Solid Bodies in our California custom shop. They will be available at in a couple of weeks. If you want to know when they become available drop me a note at Thanks for all the support and interest in the Kala UBass!”

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How to Properly Install Pahoehoe Strings on a uBass


The proper way to install Pahoehoe strings.

Kala just uploaded a nice little video showing you how they string a uBass with Pahoehoe strings at the factory. In it they emphasize the tricky maneuver they use to properly seat the G and D strings.

The string up part actually starts at 0:34 in the video. But the intro is pretty cool.

Watch the video Here.

It’s a nice companion video to Kala’s previous video featuring Mike Upton stringing a uBass.

Both videos use different methods (which achieve the same ends) for stringing the D and G strings. Both Mike’s and the factory’s methods are effective. Mike’s seems to me to be a bit easier to master–making a “lasso” instead of doing all the threading “calisthenics” the factory guys use.

Pick the method you like best.

Hutch Hutchinson Loves the uBass

He says so in an interview in this month’s Bass Musician Magazine.

Hutch Hutchinson Covers the Latest Issue of Bass Musician Magazine.

Hutchinson is interviewed by Rick Suchow (no slouch himself when it comes to bass).  In addition to running down HH’s career (which includes a longtime stint as Bonnie Raitt’s bass player), Hutchinson opines about his love for the uBass:

“I just did a record with George [Marinelli] and Ricky [Fataar] from Bonnie’s band, and I used it on one of the demos. It’s so good that when we overdubbed on the demo, I couldn’t replicate that bass sound with anything else. It almost sounds like a fat upright, or an early Bill Wyman Stones-y sound, it’s a really cool sound. And so it works in the studio.”

Check out the full interview with HH in the latest issue of Bass Musician Magazine.