How to Properly Install Pahoehoe Strings on a uBass


The proper way to install Pahoehoe strings.

Kala just uploaded a nice little video showing you how they string a uBass with Pahoehoe strings at the factory. In it they emphasize the tricky maneuver they use to properly seat the G and D strings.

The string up part actually starts at 0:34 in the video. But the intro is pretty cool.

Watch the video Here.

It’s a nice companion video to Kala’s previous video featuring Mike Upton stringing a uBass.

Both videos use different methods (which achieve the same ends) for stringing the D and G strings. Both Mike’s and the factory’s methods are effective. Mike’s seems to me to be a bit easier to master–making a “lasso” instead of doing all the threading “calisthenics” the factory guys use.

Pick the method you like best.


2 thoughts on “How to Properly Install Pahoehoe Strings on a uBass

  1. Great way to install a new set of strings! But, unfortunately, I doubt it will be effective for re-installing strings after you’ve wound them around the posts too many times & need to re-string. Still, a great video!

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