Kala is On the Case

And in it and around it too.

In case you’ve ever wondered if your uBass would fit in a Kala case (other than the ones made specifically for the uBass that is), wonder no more. Kala is now publishing the exact dimensions of all the cases and bags its sells.

So if you need a case for a Ukulele, a uBass, or another small instrument, head on over to Kala’s Bags/Cases Dimensions page (it’s actually a spreadsheet) and measure away.

Kala says they’ve gotten a lot of questions about whether a specific instrument would fit in a specific case. So instead of giving the same answer about a million times, they’ve decided to publish their case dimensions.

Pretty handy if you ask me.


Sound in the Cloud

In response to a recent survey, which found that people overwhelmingly wanted to hear sound clips of Kala’s Ukuleles, the company has established a SoundCloud account. Now you can hear what each Uke sounds like.

We started the process last week, and samples of every instrument and many different strings will be posted to our SoundCloud account. They will also be embedded into our website.

So said the company on its Facebook page.

Right now there are only 12 sound samples on its accounts – all of which are of Ukuleles. But presumably they’ll get around to putting up clips of their uBass models soon.

And speaking of the uBass, Kala says if you want a Hutch Hutchinson Signature model, you’d better get to your dealer fast. They only have 50 available.

The Kala Custom Shop just completed setting up a short run of Hutch Hutchinson models, and they are ready to ship!

But not every dealer will have a Double H in stock. Kala made 50 models and has nearly 1,000 dealers. So you do the math.

They’re Here!!!

For all you who have been waiting for the Aquila Thundergut strings to be available for the

Solidbody uBass, wait no more. Kala has them in stock and available for purchase.

According to Mark Milazzo, the Kala’s Branding Manager, the company “is doing the customization of the Aquilas. We are using a very precise crimp process, and an epoxy heat shrink wrap to finish.”

That’s why you had to wait so long for them to be available.

But now, the wait is over.

Head on over to Kala’s Web Store and pick yourself up a set or two for your Solidbody. They’ll run you $27.99 with free standard shipping.

Even the uBass does Facebook

If you need your uBass fix, head on over to Kala’s Facebook page for the uBass. They are constantly adding new content, such as videos of cool uBass performances by the pros (and even some talented amateurs). There are tons of photos.

And check out the photos from uBass Day at the Musicians Institute.

While you’re at Kala’s Facebook page, give ’em a “Like.”

And get a load of that cool uBass Appreciation Society link.

Thanks guys.