They’re Here!!!

For all you who have been waiting for the Aquila Thundergut strings to be available for the

Solidbody uBass, wait no more. Kala has them in stock and available for purchase.

According to Mark Milazzo, the Kala’s Branding Manager, the company “is doing the customization of the Aquilas. We are using a very precise crimp process, and an epoxy heat shrink wrap to finish.”

That’s why you had to wait so long for them to be available.

But now, the wait is over.

Head on over to Kala’s Web Store and pick yourself up a set or two for your Solidbody. They’ll run you $27.99 with free standard shipping.


2 thoughts on “They’re Here!!!

  1. I bought 2 sets of thunderguts for my acoustic ubass. Question. can’t thundergut come up with another color than white? They look terrible. I won’t be buying a set for my solid body until they can do something about that. C’mon. Who’s idea was this?

    • Obviously the plastic used to make the strings is white. To make them in different colors would ad to the cost of production and ultimately the selling price. But I agree, they are not very attractive looking on the acoustic uBasses. Maybe they look better on the Solidbodies.

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