Sound in the Cloud

In response to a recent survey, which found that people overwhelmingly wanted to hear sound clips of Kala’s Ukuleles, the company has established a SoundCloud account. Now you can hear what each Uke sounds like.

We started the process last week, and samples of every instrument and many different strings will be posted to our SoundCloud account. They will also be embedded into our website.

So said the company on its Facebook page.

Right now there are only 12 sound samples on its accounts – all of which are of Ukuleles. But presumably they’ll get around to putting up clips of their uBass models soon.

And speaking of the uBass, Kala says if you want a Hutch Hutchinson Signature model, you’d better get to your dealer fast. They only have 50 available.

The Kala Custom Shop just completed setting up a short run of Hutch Hutchinson models, and they are ready to ship!

But not every dealer will have a Double H in stock. Kala made 50 models and has nearly 1,000 dealers. So you do the math.