Don’t Leave Home Without It

At least Hector Maldonado couldn’t.

Hector Maldonado on stage with Train.
Photo © Nicolas Rueda-Ruiz

The Train bassist, leaving for a North American tour with the band, couldn’t take all his gear on the plane, so he left his uBass home. Big mistake!

This is what he emailed to Kala:

Just left my house to start a [three] month North American tour. Couldn’t carry [the] U-bass and all [my] bags at the same time so I left it behind. While at airport I realized I couldn’t do the tour without my U-bass so I changed my flight to a later one, left the airport, went back home and grabbed the little guy. Now [I’m] on the plane feeling complete with U-bass and all. Thanks Kala for making a product I can’t live without.

That’s what I call true love.