The Silver Rumblers Are Here

Kala put out the word that the new Silver Rumbler strings are available for purchase in

Silver Rumbler strings package.

their store. For $24.99 you can have a set of your very own for your uBass.

According to the company:

Their special Nylgut compound includes calcium carbonate to give them increased density, stability and the ability to resonate tone at very low frequencies.

If you have a set of the Silver Rumblers, you’ve probably noticed they are black and not actually silver – as the name would suggest. That’s because they “are a new compound, based on the Thunder Guts but with some added compounds which give them a more silver hue than the black Road Toads,” says Mark Milazzo, Kala’s Branding Manager.

The strings are much harder than the stock Pahoehoe strings, much like a hard rubber. In a certain light, they seem to have a dull gray finish to them.

I haven’t gotten around to trying them yet, but I’m told they sound awesome. And I suspect they do.

Kala also announced a new Feedback Freezer soundhole feedback suppression device that sells for $9.99. They say it cuts feedback and offers increased volume for use on stage. It fits all acoustic uBass models with a 3″ soundhole. It should be available in a few weeks.

And last, but not least, Kala added a really cool rectangular Tweed uBass case to the lineup. These are available for $98.00, but only fit the acoustic uBass models, not the Solidbodies.