How to Make a uBass Sound Phat

I came across this nice video by freelance bassist Jon Moody playing a uBass through a

Jon Moody’s DA Phat Beam Pedal, which he uses to shape the tone of his Kala uBass.

Daring Audio Phat Beam dynamic processor.

For those of you not familiar with the Phat Beam, the company has this to say about the pedal:

It gives your tone a feel, depth and sustain that is clean yet powerful…This pedal covers the transparent and easy–to-use compressor needs and then moves beyond that by allowing dual slope dynamics with an independent limiter and compressor, an adaptive RMS detector and an optional state variable filter. Unique clean, phat, funky tones.

Moody says in a recent blog post that he has used the pedal with his Hutch Hutchinson uBass to shape and control its input.

[The uBass is] a pretty cool option to getting a faux string bass sound (personally, I think they sound more like the Fenders of old, but others say it’s a string bass). The hollow-body versions have no onboard controls, so I am using the Phat Beam as a preamp again. Setting the SHAPE control is very easy; adjust everything off of that and you are good to go.

Check out Moody’s video Here.


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