The Toad vs. The Lizard: Which One Wins?

Ortega RLIZARD-BS Ukulele Bass

Ortega RLIZARD-BS Ukulele Bass

As you probably know, there are a number of competitors out there to Kala’s uBass. I guess it was inevitable. If you have a winning product, someone is bound to copy it. Some  of these competitors are true competition for the uBass and some are not.

One of the higher quality competitors of the uBass is the Ortega RLIZARD-BS uBass. Ortega, a musical instrument manufacturer based in Germany, is probably better know for its Spanish-style acoustic guitars.

Apparently the RLIZARD uBass is becoming more and more popular.

According to Ortega, the RLIZARD features the following:

  • Wood, top: Dao
  • Finish, top: Satin
  • Wood, back: Dao
  • Finish, back: Satin
  • Wood, neck: Mahogany
  • Wood, fretboard: Rosewood
  • Tuner: Custom Designed, Gloss Black
  • Electronic: Shadow SH-UK-T/NFX Nanoflex With Integrated Tuner
  • Fret: 15
  • Scale Length: 510 mm (20″)
  • Size, body: Bass
  • Depth, body: 80 mm (3.1″)
  • Rosette: Laser Cut Lizard Design

The RLIZARD also features Aquila strings and comes with a “croco-style” luxury hard case. While it’s hard to find a retailer in the U.S. that carries it, the Ortega is widely available in the U.K. and Europe and can be bought on the Amazon U.K. site. It sells for about $680.00.

So who wins the showdown–The Toad or The Lizard? It’s hard to say.

Check out these videos and judge for yourself:

Here’s Andrew “The Bullet” Lauer playing an RLIZARD.

And Here’s Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters” on an RLIZARD.


Kala Posts 2013 uBass Catalog

Kala's 2013 uBass Catalog Front Page

Kala’s 2013 uBass Catalog Front Page

Kala has posted its 2013 uBass catalog in PDF form on its web site.

The company also posted its new Ukulele catalog.

You can get the Ukulele catalog here.

Need a Thumb Rest for Your uBass?

bb-flyerThen Kala recommends the Bass Buddy Thumb Rest System.

Available through Kala’s web store for $15.98 or through the Bass Buddy company themselves, the system consists of three small thumb rests that you can place anywhere on your electric bass or uBass. And the best part is that you don;t have to put any holes in your beloved instrument. The rests attach with a special adhesive supplied with the system. The company says they can easily be removed if necessary without damage to your instrument.

According to Bass Buddy:

The system uses three Bass Buddy thumb rests that you can place exactly where you need them to provide fixed reference points for you thumb. You get greater playing accuracy and speed, and more versatility in the sounds you get from your bass! Use a Bass Buddy close to the bridge for an extra “twangy” sound, the center Bass Buddy for your normal playing, and a Bass Buddy close to the neck for an extra full sound.

If you were looking for a way to put a thumb rest on your uBass, then the Bass Buddy is worth a shot. It’s cheap enough to try and if you don’t like it, they can easily be removed.

What’s not to like?