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Issue #1 of Magnus Sjoquist's newsletter about the uBass is out now.

Issue #1 of Magnus Sjoquist’s newsletter about the uBass is out now.

It seems that I’ve been writing about my friend Magnus Sjoquist a lot lately, but, hey, he’s been a busy guy.

In addition to being a virtuoso on the uBass, recording, writing a blog and generally living life in beautiful Sweden, Mr. Sjoquist is also now producing a newsletter about himself and his uBass. It’s an email newsletter that he says will go out either monthly or bi-monthly (time permitting).

Issue #1 features news that Magnus plans to offer lesson packs covering different topics–some will be uBass specific and some will be about bass playing in general. He’s also willing to try setting up Skype lessons if anyone is interested.

And if that weren’t enough, he’s also recording a CD of uBass music featuring himself and guest musicians.

Magnus also wants your photos! Send him pictures of you playing your uBass in your favorite location. He wants to put together a poster of uBass players and their instrument.

If interested in getting the newsletter–or in anything else he’s doing–send him an email.



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