Stevens Uke Bass to Take on Kala?

Stevens Uke Bass Cutaway Model. Photo © Stevens Custom Guitars

Stevens Uke Bass Cutaway Model. Photo © Stevens Custom Guitars

Recently picking up the January issue of Bass Guitar Magazine, I found an article about what looks like it could be some serious competition to Kala for uBass dominance in the market. It’s called the Stevens Uke Bass and it’s made by German luthier Stevens Custom Guitars.

Similar to the original acoustic uBass in many ways, the Stevens Uke Bass features a Spruce top and Mahogany or Rosewood back and sides. It offers a 21″ scale length, Ebony fingerboard, bridge and headplate, set neck and an under bridge Piezo.

It’s distinguishing feature are its strings. Unlike the uBass – which comes with polyurethane Pahoehoe strings – the Stevens features custom-made acoustic metal strings, made by Pyramid.

Bass Guitar Magazine concluded that the Stevens Bass Uke is an “exceptional bass” and is “addictively playable.” But, then, couldn’t this be said for the Kala uBass also?

The one gripe the reviewer had about the Little Stevens (you Bruce Springsteen fans will get the joke here) is that it lacks a built-in pre-amp. Something Kala took care of with their Rumbler series of uBasses.

At more than three-times the price of the Kala uBasses (they retail for about $1,300.00), they’d have to sound amazing to put a serious crimp in Kala’s sales.

They sound good, but amazing? I’m not so sure.

Here’s a clip of one in action.

You be the judge.