They’re Here!

Well, some of them anyway.

Kala's USA Solidbody U-BASS Kit.

Kala’s USA Solidbody U-BASS Kit.

Now that didn’t take very long, did it?

Kala now has USA Solidbody Kits ready for your customization pleasure. More kits, as well as parts, should follow in a few weeks.

According to Mark Milazzo, Kala’s Branding Manager, the company plans to offer complete U-BASS kits, replacement parts and individual parts for those who want to customize or build their own U-BASS.

As of today, Kala has USA Kits available HERE. Each kit has all the parts needed to build a custom USA Solidbody uBass in either four or five string, fretted or fretless. They also comes with a deluxe gig bag.

Pricing for the USA kits are as follows:

  • U-BASS-KIT4FL (4 String fretless) – $750
  • U-BASS-KIT4FS (4 String fretted) – $750
  • U-BASS-KIT5FL (5 String fretless) – $799
  • U-BASS-KIT5FS (5 String fretted) – $799

The kits, however, do not include strings. But they can be purchased through Kala’s web site or at many online string retailers.