The Kala Booth at NAMM is the Place to Be – Part 2

Nik West playing a Spruce top uBass at the Kala booth.

Nik West playing a Spruce top uBass at the Kala booth.

Last week we told you about all the bass players that stopped by the Kala booth at the NAMM show.

Well, this time Kala has posted a video compilation of all the bass players they could get to sit in front of the camera long enough to be taped.

As Kala noted on its YouTube page:

One after another great bass players stopped by to check out our latest U-BASSES. TM Stevens, Billy Sheehan, Abraham Laboriel, Nik West, Hutch Hutchinson, Mike Merritt, Philip Bynoe, Leland Sklar, Nate Peck…. and these were just the bassists we got quick videos of!

You can check out the video Here.


The Kala Booth at NAMM is the Place to Be

Abe Laboriel playing a uBass in Kala's booth at WInter NAMM.

Abe Laboriel playing a uBass in Kala’s booth at WInter NAMM.

Do not under any circumstances find your way over to Kala’s Facebook page. Or if you’re lucky enough to be at the NAMM show, stay away from their booth.

Why? Because after watching all the videos of great bass players playing a uBass, or actually seeing these guys in person playing one, you’ll 1). question your talent as a bass player, 2). want to buy every model uBass Kala has on display and 3). wonder why anyone would want to ply any other instrument.

Over on Kala’s Facebook page, there’s a nice video of Abraham Laboriel playing one of the new USA-made acoustic/electrics. And at 0:24 in the video Abe apparently is very impressed, because you can hear him say “Wow!” That tells you everything you need to know about the new uBasses.

By the way, Mr. Laboriel’s son, Abe Jr. is currently Paul McCartney’s touring drummer. He’s been with McCartney since 2001.

There’s also a video of Hutch Hutchinson playing a Spruce acoustic/electric.

There’s also pics and videos of Mike Merritt, Steve Bailey, Philip Bynoe and others who stopped by the Kala booth to check out the new uBasses.

I think it’s fair to say that the new models will be just as big a hit, if not bigger, than the originals.

Kala is Working Up Some New uBasses

The front of Kala's new Koa USA built uBass.

The front of Kala’s new Koa USA built uBass.

Kala is planning to introduce at least one new uBass at this year’s NAMM show, which begins January 23. The company teased the new instrument on its Facebook page. It notes that there are a few new models in development.

The new uBass will be an acoustic/electric with a Koa top and from the photo looks to have Koa sides as well. It’ll be a Custom Shop model made in the USA, though there’s no word on availability or pricing yet.

Kala apparently is excited by its new uBass, as noted on its Facebook page:

We’re starting to make some very cool stuff right here in the U.S. of A! This Hawaiian Koa body is so beautiful on the inside, we can’t wait to show off the outside at The NAMM Show!

Kala also has its 2014 Catalog available as a PDF download HERE.

2013 uBass Year in Review

A handful of Kalas.

A handful of Kalas.

It’s 2014. Generally about this time journalists drag out their year-in-review (YIR) articles, highlighting (or lowlighting, depending on what was happening) the big news of the year. This is mostly done because journalists generally 1). are lazy and 2). are so burnt out by the end of the year they can’t bear the prospect of writing yet another word. The year-in-review article is easy to put together and practically writes itself.

(By the way, I’ve been a journalist for more than 30 years, so I know from whence I speak. I’ve written a lot of YIR articles in my career. So don’t send any nasty comments complaining about me calling them lazy.)

So, without further ado, starting from January, the Best of 2013, uBass Appreciation Society style. (You had to know where I was going with this.):

So there you have it folks.