Mellow, Simple Upright Tone

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Jason from Kala demonstrates a uBass equipped with LR Baggs electronics at the 2014 Winter NAMM show.

That’s how Jason describes the new Kala California acoustic/electric uBass series instruments with LR Baggs electronics.

As Kala says:

The LR Baggs award-winning Element pickup is engineered to capture each instrument’s most delicate vibration with a flexible film sensor thin as human hair. In contrast to other compression style transducers, the sensors flexible design tracks the motion of the top and saddle to unlock an unrivaled dynamic range.

Give this video a look and you’ll see what they’re talking about when they say:

Kala and LR Baggs set out to create California made Electro-Acoustic and Solid Body models of U-Bass that provide world-class amplification for professional musicians. The result is a jaw dropping, full-range bass response unexpected from the short scale, 21” instruments.

It works for me.


One thought on “Mellow, Simple Upright Tone

  1. It’s true. I have tried one of the US made acoustic/electric models (a lefty model) and the Bakhiti model
    at the big trade show Musikmesse 2014 in Frankfurt last week. I really live these! Hope to do some demos of these instruments soon!

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