Learning uBass Book by the Book

Ukulele Central's uBass eBook.

Ukulele Central’s uBass eBook.


I just discovered this “book”, dedicated to teaching you how to play the uBass. It’s called “U-BASS.ICS: A Simple Guide To Playing Ukulele Bass” and its available from Ukulele Central.

I’m not sure how old it is, or even if it’s any good, because I don’t have one in hand to review.

Anyway, heres’ the info from the web site:

The UBASSics ePack is an all-in-one ukulele bass lesson guide for beginners and ‘just started’ UBass players up to intermediate level.

The ePack is a PDF which contains not only text, diagrams and tabbed exercises but video demonstrations and audio backing tracks to play along with, all in the one document!

This is a highly practical guide that caters to your learning style whether you like to study the details or launch straight in using your ears and eyes.

The book costs $24. You get videos, audio and TABs for your money. It’s basically a PDF and associated audio, text and video files. The whole thing is a 35Mb download.

The price seems a bit high, but it may be worth the price depending on the quality of the information.

Still, it’s nice to know there are some books out there about the uBass.


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  1. Since I’m working on my own educational material for the Ubass it’s interesting to check out new stuff in the “learn-Ubass-category”. I bought the ebook to check it out. Will let you know what I think when I have tried it for a while. I plan to release the first part of my Lesson Pack series this Summer!

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