Pyramid Black Nylon Tapewound Strings

Pyramid Strings' new Black Nylon Tapewounds for uBass. Photo © Magnus Sjöquist.

Pyramid Strings’ new Black Nylon Tapewounds for uBass.
Photo © Magnus Sjöquist.


Our friend Magnus Sjöquist over at PLAY UBASS! has done a pretty thorough review of Pyramid’s new Black Nylon Tapewound strings on his fretless uBass. These strings are not to be confused with Pyramid’s copper-wound tapewound strings, these are new.

Here’s some of what he had to say about the strings:

The strings has a texture that feels a bit like ”cloth”. If I compare the feel of my La Bella Tape Nylon strings, the Pyramids feels more like a regular roundwound string. The higher tension makes playing faster passages easier. So if fast is your thing these strings might be just right for you 🙂
I really like the added tension of these strings, they obviously feel more like a regular bass string. The sound is also very nice ranging from fat, thubby low end (perfect for thumb mute style playing) to a nice top end (making harmonics sing more than other Ubass strings).

I won’t give away the ending. You’ll have to head over to his blog and read it for yourself.

The strings are only available for the acoustic uBasses right now, but that could change in the near future. The strings are available from Pyramid directly and at retailers, according to the company, but I could not find any online retailers that stock them. They may be easier to find in Europe than the U.S. right now.


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