New Forum for Ultra-Short-Scale Low Enders

Join the discussion at the MicroBassTalk Forum

Join the discussion at the MicroBassTalk Forum


For all of you out there that are into the Kala uBass, and maybe even some of the competing ultra-short-scale bass instruments available, there’s a new forum. Introducing the Micro Bass Talk Forum, featuring discussion of ultra-short-scale–or micro–basses. Of course you can discuss the Kala uBass (which has its own board), but you can also discuss any other model of ultra-short-scale bass like the Gold Tone MicroBass or the Aquila ShortBass One, to name only two. There’s even a board for travel basses. There also boards for discussing strings, gear, playing tips and recording techniques.

Check it out. Sign up for free and join the discussion. Tell your friends.

And help spread the word about our little bass friends.


New Kala Fifth Anniversary uBass Advertisement

Kala Ad 2014


We all know that the Kala uBass rocks (in every sense of the word). But did you know that the company’s ads for the uBass rock as well?

Here’s your proof. And this one features two of the best bass players out there.

For more on Nik West.

For more on Tal Wilkenfeld.


Getting Jazzy with a uBass


Gabriel Olortiga plays “Autumn Leaves” on his uBass


Think the uBass is not very versatile? Then think again.

Here’s a nice rendition of Ron Carter’s bass line from the Jazz standard “Autumn Leaves” played by Gabriel Olortiga on his uBass.

The uBass is equally adept at Rock, Jazz, Classical, Heavy Metal–it can handle just about any genre of music.

And here’s the man himself, Ron Carter, playing the song.